Live Sawn White Oak Kitchen

Live sawn white oak floors are not only stunning, but durable and environmentally sound

When we remodeled Dad and Mom’s house, Dad had a vision. He wanted live sawn white oak throughout the whole main level. And really, who could blame him? White oak is a lovely flooring choice as is but, in our opinion, if you want to go next level it’s got to be live sawn!

Nothing compares.

Beautiful live sawn white oak flooring

What is Live Sawn?

Live sawn is also known as European cut.

It is the traditional, old-world way of sawing lumber, using the entire log as each plank is cut straight through without turning. It includes the heartwood and sapwood. Live sawn is a combination of plain/flat sawn, quarter sawn, and rift sawn grain. With all parts of the tree seen in the cut, live sawn creates exceptional character with rustic knots and lovely grain movement. With minimal waste, the log can be milled into wider planks.

Can't beat live sawn white oak for character!

Pros of Live Sawn:

  1. Beautiful character and a wider range of grain pattern
  2. Versatile- It shines in rustic homes, modern apartments, and everything in between
  3. Environmentally sound, as it uses the whole log and requires minimal waste
  4. Durable and stable
  5. Allows for wide planks


After a lifetime in the business, Dad knows wood flooring. Of all the products in our showroom, he chose Sheoga for his white oak.

Sheoga’s Amish craftsmen mill the highest quality wood right here in the United States. Sheoga wood flooring is sustainably sourced, handcrafted, and impeccable. Not to mention absolutely gorgeous!

Live sawn white oak floors are not only stunning, but durable and environmentally sound

If you’d like to check out our selection of Sheoga products or learn more about the lovely white oak shown here, stop by our showroom!

Once you’ve got your wood floors chosen, check out THIS post on how to best care for them. With proper cleaning and care, live sawn white oak can last a lifetime. Talk about a return on investment!

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